HostGator India Review

What makes them special?

Hostgator is one of the most recognized brands in web hosting services industry. It’s been in hosting business since 2002.

With around 9 million websites, Hostgator is one of the best web hosting company around the world.

HostGator is also known for its remarkable growth in their web hosting business.

They achieved excellent growth in short period of time.

HostGator would have not achieved this growth, if they didn’t provide reliable, high performance and affordable web hosting service.

Hostgator offers different web hosting services to ensure they are suitable for various web hosting requirements, they also offer shared hosting, virtual private server, cloud hosting and dedicated web hosting services.

Like BlueHost India, HostGator India also belongs to Endurance International Group.

Which makes both BlueHost India and HostGator India are siblings. So they do share lot of good qualities among them.

Both BlueHost India and HostGator India operate as independent web hosting company, though they belong to Endurance International Group.

Which is good news for us, because we can choose either of these web hosting companies based on our web hosting requirements.

Why HostGator India? Why not HostGator US site?

There are several reasons to choose HostGator India web hosting services instead of HostGator US web hosting services.

Most of these reasons are applicable while choosing other web hosting companies aswell.

So below web hosting factors are important to remember while choosing right web hosting service for your website,

Particularly if your website has Indian users/customers.

Let’s go through various web hosting factors which affect your website load time or usability.

Knowing these factors is helpful to choose right web hosting company to host your website.

Low latency & faster website .

First and foremost, advantage with HostGator India is low latency while serving your website to your local customers.

If you are targeting to sell products or services to Indian customers, then it would be better to host website using web hosting company whose servers are geographically nearer to your target visitor.

Web servers which are located nearer to target customers will help you in serving your website with low latency.

This should help you in reducing your website load time.

So that your customers can find fast and responsive website, most importantly a usable website.

You may ask, is it is really important to consider website speed when there are several several other factors to consider.e.g. beautiful design or SEO etc.

Yes, website load time matters a lot, irrespective of how good is your website design, your website need to serve its content to your visitor as quick as possible.

So, choosing HostGator India VS HostGator US definitely helpful if you want to take advantage of page load time.

Second advantage with Hostgator India over HostGator US is, HostGator India accepts payments from Indian banks.

So, you can do payments using net banking or using debit card/credit card.

If you are new to online business, most likely you may not be aware that earlier hosting renewals were done using either PayPal or International credit cards.

But now with HostGator India, you can pay your web hosting renewals using Indian payment gateway’s.

This is helpful if you do not wish to do an international payment using your debit card or credit card.

Though there is nothing wrong with an international payment, it’s matter of convenience.

So definitely you can consider this while choosing your web hosting service.

HostGator India customer Care Service.

One more reason to choose HostGator India vs HostGator US because you can get customer care service in your preferred language.

Customer support in native language is helpful for customers who would like to take advantage of their native language.

Ok, that was a quick overview of few helpful features if you choose HostGator India vs HostGator Com.

Let’s have a look at the web hosting services details from HostGator India.

HostGator India and HostGator US both offers various web hosting services.

So most of your web hosting requirements should meet with either of these web hosting companies, unless you have very specific web hosting requirements.

HostGator India offers several web hosting plans for their customers, they offer Linux and windows shared web hosting services.

HostGator India also supports WordPress, Drupal, Magento and phpBB application web hosting.

Apart from Shared web hosting services, HostGator India also provide VPS, dedicated and cloud web hosting services.

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